Owning a static caravan can completely transform the way you holiday. It’s affordable, there are tons of different options available, and, most importantly, you will have a home away from home that you can escape to all year round. However, buying a static holiday home is a big purchase – and it’s really to be completely sure you are making the right choice before signing on the dotted line. So, if you’re thinking about taking the leap and purchasing a static caravan, make sure you read our top 15 things to ask when buying a static caravan first!

1. How do I choose a location?

First things first, you need to think about location. Do you want to be close to home so you don’t have the worry of travel time? Or perhaps you’d like a holiday home that’s further away so you can feel like you are really escaping it all? Are you dreaming of wandering through National Parks? Or maybe you want to be close to the sea? These are all really important things to think about that will have a big impact on your choice of location. 

2. What kind of holiday park do I want?

After you’ve made a decision and chosen your location, you need to start thinking about what kind of park you would like your static caravan to be based in. Are entertainment and activities important to you? Are you looking for a child-friendly park or would you prefer it to be adults only? Are you planning on taking your dog on holiday with you? If so, you will need a pet-friendly park. See, there’s lots to think about when it comes to choosing the right park for you! 

3. Are there facilities on site?

Chances are, if you’re purchasing a static caravan as a relaxing holiday home, you’re going to want some home comforts on site – so it’s really important to think about what the facilities are like. Are there any leisure facilities? What about food and drink? Or how about entertainment? At Brickyard, our static caravans benefit from…. 

4. And what about facilities and entertainment nearby?

If you decide to purchase a static caravan in the Yorkshire Dales, one of the biggest benefits will be relishing the peace and quiet that comes with an escape to the country – but to make sure your time is stress-free and to keep the family happy, you’ll probably need some facilities and decent activities nearby. From supermarkets to golf courses, nature walks and days out for the family, make sure you thoroughly research the surrounding area before purchasing your holiday home.  

5. Will the park be open throughout the year?

Another important thing to find out is whether or not your chosen holiday park is open all year round. You need to know when the holiday park is open so that you can plan your holidays around it – and also, if you decide to rent your caravan out to generate some extra income, you’ll need to know when you can do this. Some parks are open for 11 months of the year, whereas others are seasonal – which means the right park for you will depend on your personal wants and needs.

buying a static caravan

6. Can I live in my caravan?                   

This is a topic that has a lot of people talking, but the simple answer here is no. The main reason is that static holiday caravans aren’t built to residential standards, and you also won’t be afforded the protection of the Mobile Homes Act, either. If you are thinking of living in a mobile home, you’ll have to choose a residentially licensed park with the appropriate written statement.

7. How much does it cost to keep my caravan there?

Once you’ve decided on a park, you need to start thinking about the costs involved with owning a static caravan. From site fees and insurance to local council rates and gas and electricity fees, you’ll need to factor the costs associated with having a caravan into your final decision. 

8. What are site fees and how do they work?

Without a doubt, the biggest cost when buying a static caravan is the cost of site fees. Site fees tend to vary depending on the facilities available and the level of service on the park, so ultimately your site fees will reflect what you are looking for in a park. Basically, if your chosen park has swimming pools galore and adventure activities abounding, it will more than likely have higher site fees than more basic parks. 

9. How long can my caravan stay on-site?

Some parks will have restrictions on the amount of time your caravan can remain on site. It’s not that common, but if your park does have such a restriction, the average amount of time is usually about 15 years. You should also bear in mind that whilst most parks won’t have any time restrictions, they will most likely continue to increase their pitch fees annually – so make sure you ask about the terms and conditions regarding this before you hand over your cash! 

10. Will I be able to let my caravan out?

A popular way for people to lessen the burden of site fees is by letting or subletting their caravan out. Plus, if you know you will only be using your caravan for a few weeks each year, it’s a good idea to consider subletting. However, whether or not you can sublet ultimately depends on the individual park in question – so if you are keen to let out your caravan, make sure you ask the park if it’s possible early on in your search.

buying a static caravan

11. And can I host family and friends?

Whilst it’s true that some privately-owned holiday sites don’t allow subletting, it’s absolutely fine for friends and family to use your caravan. In fact, it’s one of the biggest perks of owning a static caravan, so feel free to share your home away from home with your nearest and dearest. Just be careful not to overfill the caravan for health and safety reasons.

12. Will I need to have caravan insurance?

Yes, you absolutely need to have caravan insurance, however, it’s completely up to you whether you arrange your own insurance or have it arranged by the park (if this is a service they offer!). If you do decide to go via the park, make sure you read the small print and that the policy on offer matches your requirements.

13. Will I be able to get finance on buying a static caravan?

There’s no denying that buying a static caravan is a pretty big purchase – which means that most parks will have finance options available. Holiday parks usually offer a number of different schemes over varying amounts of time, so rest assured there will be plenty of options and you will be able to choose the financial scheme that is right for you. 

14. What do the other owners think of the site?

Before you put down a deposit or sign any paperwork, we always recommend that you properly investigate your surroundings. Is it a close-knit community or do people keep themselves to themselves? And most importantly, are the other owners happy with their purchase? There’s no better way to find out satisfaction levels than by going straight to the horse’s mouth – so feel free to ask your potential neighbours their thoughts on static caravan ownership!

15. Can I sell my caravan?

If you decide to upgrade your caravan or simply sell your static caravan and move on, most parks will offer assistance. Alternatively, sales can also be made privately between the owner and the potential buyer. Just make sure you thoroughly check all of the paperwork before organising a sale.

buying a static caravan

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15 things to ask when buying a static caravan

Owning a static caravan can completely transform the way you holiday. It’s affordable, there are tons of different options available, and, most importantly, you will have a home away from home that you can escape to all year round. However, buying a static holiday home is a big purchase – and it’s really to be … Continued

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