5 things all seasonal touring pitches in North Yorkshire should have

So, you’ve decided to book a trip to North Yorkshire in your caravan or motor home. Fantastic!

We’ve written about it many times in our previous blogs, but there really is so much to see, do, explore and enjoy in this wonderful part of the country.

From the historical delights of Castle Howard to the calming atmosphere of the Yorkshire Lavender gardens and all the way through to adrenaline-fuelled days out at North Yorkshire Water Park, the area has some truly incredible experiences on offer!

At the end of all these exciting days out, it’s important that you can equally look forward to coming back to the touring pitch or park where your caravan or motorhome is situated.

With that in mind, here are some things you should check that your shortlist of seasonal touring pitches in North Yorkshire have before you book one…

Seasonal touring pitches in North Yorkshire should absolutely have:

1. Beautiful, unspoiled surroundings

North Yorkshire is famous for its stunning views, plethora of wildlife and easy access to nature.

What’s more, science is consistently finding evidence to suggest that exposure to nature makes us happier! It’s no wonder then that Skipton and Harrogate – both in the Yorkshire area – were voted among the happiest places to live in the UK last year.

When you decide to visit a touring pitch in the area, you should therefore expect to have the opportunity to enjoy this to the max with a spot that is surrounded by natural beauty.

At Brickyard Lakes’ touring park, we are fortunate to be wholly immersed in nature, from our North Yorkshire Moors surroundings to our two vast fishing lakes and range of visiting migratory birds – and even seven different species of dragonfly!

2. Access to essentials, including water and electricity

When you’re looking at different seasonal touring pitches in North Yorkshire, be sure that you can hook your caravan or motor home up to an electricity port, and that you also have access to a water supply.

This may sound obvious; however, some touring parks may not have these facilities, or will expect you to make your own provisions. Not ideal when you’re looking to have a relaxing break away without any additional burdens to think about!

At Brickyard Lakes, we have hard standing and electric hook ups available for our visitors. We also have a limited number of pitches with water (though these tend to be booked up fast!). Additionally, there is an Elsan disposal point on site should you need it.

3. Clean and comfortable shower and toilet facilities

At the end of a long busy day – especially in the height of summer – there’s nothing better than being able to enjoy a good shower before starting an evening of relaxation or dinner plans.

So, this makes a fully functional, accessible and comfortable toilet and shower facility essential – and one with disabled access an absolute must!

Here at Brickyard Lakes, for example, we have modern toilet and shower facilities available with full disabled access in the middle of the park to cover your needs.

4. Top level security

Safety and security are of paramount importance at any seasonal touring pitch, so before you make any bookings, be sure to ask what security measures the park has in place.

5. High quality service

One of the beauties of being able to visit seasonal touring pitches in North Yorkshire is that you are wholly in charge of your own holiday. However, this doesn’t mean that you should miss out on a high level of service.

For example, here at Brickyard Lakes, we have a warden couple on site, Fiona and Nigel, who will greet you upon your arrival and be available throughout your visit in case there is anything you need.

In fact, our whole team makes it their goal to ensure our guests have the most enjoyable stay possible!

6. Additional facilities and perks

Much like a high level of service, the best seasonal touring pitches in North Yorkshire will also have access to a number of other features and perks to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Just some of these could include gas bottle exchange services, electricity on a pay-as-you-go top up card system, or even free, unlimited access to local fishing – all of which (and more) we can supply here at Brickyard Lakes!

Ready to book your seasonal touring pitch?

Our team would be delighted to welcome you and your caravan or motorhome to our touring park here at Brickyard Lakes! We are open between 1st March and 31st October every year, and when you book online, you’ll have the opportunity to select the area of the park you’d like to stay on.

Simply follow the link below to make your reservation now or contact a member of our friendly team for more information.

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