6 quick ways to make your holiday lodge in North Yorkshire feel homely

One of the best things about owning a holiday lodge in North Yorkshire is that you can truly make it your home from home.

And this isn’t just from our expertise at Brickyard Lakes, having managed our holiday park for so many years – this is also from what our regular holiday homemakers have said to us during their recurrent stays!

What we’ve also learned from our chats with them, however, is that there are a few extra tips and tricks to making your holiday home that bit more homely, so that when you arrive for your stay, you can settle in instantly and get cracking with your holiday plans!

We’ve listed a few of our favourites below…

A bed with cushions, alarm clock and bottle of wine with glasses inside a Brickyard Lakes holiday lodge in North Yorkshire

6 things you can do to make your holiday lodge in North Yorkshire feel homely:

1. Display your favourite photos and artwork

Nothing says “home” like your favourite pieces of artwork hanging on the walls, or photographs of happy memories with the people who mean the most to you on the mantlepiece!

Research shows that looking at art on your walls can increase happiness and reduce stress, and that photographs of our loved ones can achieve the same result, as well as bringing about feelings of nostalgia – perfect for getting yourself in the holiday zone!

2. Choose a calming colour palette

The psychology of colour is truly fascinating – it’s amazing what an impact different colours can have on our mood!

Our holiday lodges at Brickyard Lakes have been beautifully and strategically designed so that you can add to the décor already in place to fit with the colour scheme of your choice.

To make yourself feel as comfortable as possible, we’d recommending opting for pastels and softer hues such as pale blues and greens for a calming effect, or yellows to stimulate feelings of happiness and spontaneity.

Avoid reds where you can – they’ve been shown to increase your heart rate, and even make you feel hungry! Which leads us on nicely to our next tip:

3. Stock up the fridge with delicious foods

What better greeting is there when arriving home than a fully stocked fridge?

Our holiday lodges at Brickyard Lakes contain an expanse of fridge and freezer space, ready to fill with all your favourite foods so you’ll be ready to get your holiday going on a full stomach.

We’re also fortunate to be local to several large supermarkets as well as plenty of independent food stores, so you’ll never be short of choice for your next meal!

4. Kit out your furniture with soft accessories

Feeling at home is all about being able to get as comfortable as possible! Indeed, the furnishings provided as part of our holiday lodges at Brickyard Lakes have been designed and created with exactly that in mind.

However, to make it feel that bit more homely and for that extra touch of comfort, we’d recommend adding a few extra soft cushions and fluffy blankets that match your chosen colour palette.

5. Fill the rooms with choice aromas

Smell is one of the strongest memory triggers, and can, depending on your choice of scent, have a truly calming impact. So, since your holiday lodge is somewhere you go to make happy memories and relax, it makes sense to fill it with lots of your favourite aromas!

If you’re looking to stock up on smellies such as soaps, bath bombs, creams and lotions during your lodge stay at Brickyard Lakes, be sure to check out Dukes & Rose Soaps & Vintage of Helmsley just half an hour up the road.

Bathroom tap with a plant in the background in a holiday lodge in North Yorkshire at Brickyard Lakes

6. Bring the outside in

We’re fortunate here at Brickyard Lakes to be surrounded by some of the best wildlife and natural beauty that North Yorkshire has to offer. In fact, it’s one of our regular holiday makers’ favourite parts about coming to visit!

Just like art and the right aromas mentioned above, exposure to nature has an incredible effect on our wellbeing, by helping us disconnect from the pressures of the digital world, decreasing stress levels and even promoting better sleep. All this makes for a much more homely feel!

Just a few ideas include choosing artwork with nature scenes, having flowers in each room (or house plants if you’ll be visiting regularly enough to keep them watered and healthy – otherwise, fake plants can be a great alternative!) and making sure there’s plenty of natural light available through the windows or by installing daylight bulbs.

At Brickyard Lakes, we strive to ensure every one of our guests feels at home during their stay.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a holiday lodge in North Yorkshire that you can truly make your own and enjoy coming home to time and time again, be sure to take a look at the lodges we currently have available for sale, or get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a viewing!