4 fantastic reasons why you should consider owning a caravan in North Yorkshire

If you asked any of the team here at Brickyard Lakes, they wouldn’t hold back in telling you the many, many reasons to enjoy caravan holidays in North Yorkshire…

… And not only for your next holiday, but all of your holidays to come! But what they’ll also tell you is that you can make this experience all the more amazing by actually owning your very own static caravan with us.

Why, do you ask? Well, the list of reasons really is endless – but for the purposes of this blog, we’ve picked out our top four…

Static caravans atop a hill overlooking the lake. The views are one of the many reasons to spend your caravan holidays in Yorkshire!

4 indisputable reasons to own a caravan in North Yorkshire:

1. You’ll be guaranteed an amazing holiday – without the usual stress

Let’s face it; even the happiest and most memorable holidays can come with some level of stress; whether that’s worrying if you’ve left your passport behind, or you’re not going to have enough towels to survive the week.

Not to mention when you get there, not knowing where the nearest shops are or not having the facilities you need at your accommodation. Not what you need when you’re trying to have a relaxing time away!

With caravan holidays in Yorkshire, however, you’ll get the luxury of visiting without this worry, knowing that you’ll already have everything there that you need when you get there.

What’s more, at Brickyard Lakes, we’re lucky to be situated just a short 20 minutes away from a beautiful selection of market towns, so if there’s anything you need, it’s never too far away.

2. You’ll be able to enjoy Yorkshire’s beauty alongside the comfort of home

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and surrounding yourself with peace and tranquility is one of the best parts about owning a caravan in North Yorkshire.

From the abundance of flourishing wildlife to our stunning fishing lakes, you’ll have the access that you need to make this beautiful part of England your home from home.

Our caravans here at Brickyard Lakes in particular have been specially designed to give you everything you need without compromising on quality, so you’ll have the full opportunity to relax.

The interior of one of Brickyard Lakes’ caravans, perfect for your caravan holidays in Yorkshire!

3. North Yorkshire is the perfect place for amazing days out

Despite its tranquility, North Yorkshire is never short of amazing days out. In fact, whether you’re here for a romantic break with a loved one or taking some time out for yourself, owning a caravan here opens up a ton of different opportunities.

Brickyard Lakes is within easy reach of some amazing attractions, such as The Forbidden Corner, Lightwater Valley Theme Park, Thorpe Perrow Arboretum and Bird of Prey Centre and – of course – the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes, home to Wallace and Gromit’s favourite cheese!

4. Owning a caravan truly offers the best value for money – far more so than renting!

We’re positive that, after just one visit to North Yorkshire, you will want to come back time and time again. While a lot of people choose to rent a caravan each time they visit, actually owning your own caravan offers better value for money in the long run.

Of course, this probably feels like the absolute pipe dream; but the good news is, we offer finance plans on our caravans at Brickyard Lakes, so your dreams of owning a caravan in Yorkshire could come true sooner than you think! You can take a tour through the caravans we currently have on offer here.

Ready to embark upon a lifetime of caravan holidays in Yorkshire?

Whether you need these four fantastic reasons to own a caravan and spend your caravan holidays in Yorkshire or you’re already thinking about making it a reality, we’d absolutely love to hear from you! Just get in touch via our contact page here, or call us on 01653 694488.

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