How to make the most of your fishing holidays in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is perhaps one of the best places to go on a fishing holiday!

Dotted with lakes and rivers that are brimming with a wide variety of fish (including mackerel, bass, cod, flatfish, carp, bream, Tench, pollock and more), you’ll be spoilt for choice by deciding to spend your fishing holiday in this beautiful part of the country.

Read on for our top tips on how to get the best from your Yorkshire fishing holidays; from choosing the best fishing spots to selecting holiday homes with fishing lakes and beyond…

1. Don’t just stick to the warmer seasons…

While spring and summer are undoubtedly the ideal times of year to go fishing because of the warmer weather, it’s definitely worth considering a trip in the autumn or winter as well.

It’s usually less busy at these times of year, which means you’ll have less competition from other fishers for catches, and you can enjoy the peace and quiet, as well as the stunning autumnal and winter scenery that Yorkshire has to offer (more on that below). Just be sure to follow tips and advice for fishing in cold weather!

The good news is that holiday homes with fishing lakes give you the opportunity to visit for fishing holidays in whichever season you like. We only close during January here at Brickyard Lakes, for example, so you can make the most of our lakes for the autumn and most of the winter.

2. Pack smart!

Whatever season you decide to visit Yorkshire in to go fishing, be sure to pack carefully and bring the right gear and clothing for the weather and fishing conditions.

Our summers in Yorkshire are usually fairly mild with moderate rainfall, so it’s always best to bring a few extra layers and weatherproof outerwear.

The great thing about owning a holiday home at a park with fishing lakes, of course, is that you can leave all your gear and clothing at your caravan or lodge, so you won’t need to worry about packing it for every trip!

What’s more, if your chosen holiday home is at Brickyard Lakes, we have fishing gear that you can rent out should you forget anything, and our staff can point you in the direction of the best fishing supply shops nearby.

A static caravan at Brickyard Lakes on the water’s edge, representing holiday homes with fishing lakes.

3. Get your family and friends involved

One of the many great things about fishing is that you can enjoy it as a solo traveller, or with company, whether that’s friends, a partner or your family.

Yorkshire is a wonderful place to make happy family holiday memories on all fronts, so if you’re usually a solo fisher, we’d highly recommend bringing your family along for a whole new fishing experience. For example, if you bring your children, you could run a friendly competition to see who can catch the biggest fish!

What’s more, if you’re the owner of a holiday home near a fishing lake, you’ll all be able to enjoy a rest together at the end of a long day’s fishing together. For example, our static caravans and luxury lodges here at Brickyard Lakes can comfortably house as many as five or six people.

4. Choose your spot based on the scenery, not just the fishing

While it can be easy to choose a fishing location purely based on the number and breed of fish that can be found there, it’s also wise to select a settling point based on the scenery.

This means that, should you experience any quieter periods between catches, you can take the time to truly enjoy your surroundings.

Indeed, Yorkshire is famous for its breath-taking scenery and abundance of unspoiled wildlife, so we’d highly recommend making the most of all the options available to you!

Our own fishing lakes at Brickyard Lakes are embraced by some of North Yorkshire’s greatest landscapes and scenery. As one of our holiday homeowners recently said:

“Plenty of [treats] are in supply at Brickyard Lakes Country Park too, if you’re the type who likes a serene spot in which to relax and watch the birds, rabbits and other beasties going about their business. Previous guests have spotted more than 20 bird species and seven varieties of dragonfly here, along with glimpses of passing roe deer and weasels – definitely worth packing the binoculars before you set off!”

5. Explore the best of Yorkshire when you put your rod down for the day

As much as you’ll probably want to spend your every waking moment fishing during your holiday, there are of course periods where you’re much less likely to get a catch; namely, the middle of the day.

This is where Yorkshire truly comes into its own, offering a plethora of attractions and activities that’ll keep you busy until it’s time to get back to the lake/riverside!

For example, if you’re staying at Brickyard Lakes, you’ll be within arm’s reach of a variety of things to do; from visiting the natural wonders of Brimham Rocks, Whitby beach and Falling Foss Waterfall to enjoying the adrenaline-fueled excitement of Flamingo Land Resort and Lightwater Valley theme park!

6. Become the owner of a holiday home

We’ve mentioned several of the benefits of holiday homes with fishing lakes throughout this blog; from being able to visit for fishing holidays whenever you like throughout the year to being able to safely store your gear (and other holiday supplies) and bring family and friends for the trip – and this is just the beginning…

Fishing at Brickyard Lakes Country Park

We’re incredibly fortunate to have two huge and thriving fishing lakes on the doorstep of our luxury lodges and static caravans here at Brickyard Lakes.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a holiday home in Yorkshire and are a keen fisher, be sure to get in touch with our team to arrange a viewing of our available holiday homes. You could even do a spot of fishing during your visit!

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