4 reasons static caravans for sale in North Yorkshire are in demand

On the lookout for static caravans for sale in North Yorkshire? You’re not alone…

Whether you’re surprised to hear this or not, it’s undeniable that static caravans in this part of the county are being snapped up more quickly than ever before. In fact, research from June 2020 found that 40% of people planned to have a staycation that year, with 33% of those deciding to spend their holiday in a caravan – and this number is only continuing to rise!

But what are the reasons behind this – and why should you get on board? Read on to find out…

Here’s why static caravans for sale in North Yorkshire are in demand:

1. Staycations in general have become more popular.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, UK citizens were required to stay in the country and minimise travel. So, once restrictions allowed for overnight visits to other places outside the local area, staycations became the perfect getaway solution.

This is when many holidaymakers discovered the benefits of owning a static caravan; being able to go on holiday without the usual stress that comes with it, value for money (more on that below) and being able to enjoy a home from home, to name but a few!

One of the static caravans for sale in North Yorkshire at Brickyard Lakes overlooking the lake and a sunset sky

2. …and North Yorkshire is the ideal staycation location!

As we shared in a previous blog, North Yorkshire is the perfect rural staycation spot. What’s more, North Yorkshire is cited as one of the top ten caravan spots in the country!

With access to truly breath-taking nature spots and abundant wildlife, as well as a plethora of historical sites, attractions and entertainment, you’ll never be short of opportunities to make wonderful holiday memories.

Because there’s so much to see and do in North Yorkshire, it’ll take more than one trip for you to be able to see it all – and the chances are, you’ll want to see it all again and again! A static caravan therefore provides the perfect base from which to embark upon all these holiday adventures. In fact…

3. Static caravans are a fantastic investment

Being in such great demand, you might understandably be concerned that static caravans for sale in North Yorkshire will be expensive. However, this is far from the case – in reality, owning a static caravan can not only save you money, but even earn you some!

For starters, investing in a static caravan that you can return to time and time again is more cost-effective in the long run than booking other kinds of accommodation, such as B&Bs and hotels.

This is all before you’ve even considered savings on food and other holiday supplies and essentials, all of which will be ready and waiting for you at your caravan!

What’s more, should you choose, you can rent out your caravan when you’re not there and earn yourself a bit of extra cash to spend on your next trip.

4. Static caravans are a prime example of a luxury holiday

In the past, static caravans have been the subject of a lot of prejudice – mainly, the misconception that they prioritise convenience over comfort. However, the modern-day holiday home is entirely the opposite to this!

Today, static caravans for sale in North Yorkshire are exquisitely designed to maximise on comfort and aesthetics for a truly luxury holiday experience. At Brickyard Lakes in particular, every one of our static caravans is uniquely designed to not only look beautiful but be flexible enough for you to make your own.

Many holidaymakers are cottoning on to this fact, and are therefore choosing to invest in these caravans to guarantee themselves a luxury holiday as often as they like – without the typically associated costs.

Want to get in on the trend?

We have several static caravans for sale in our North Yorkshire park, Brickyard Lakes, and would love to show you around them in anticipation of your future holidays. Simply book your viewing with us today, or get in touch with our team if you have any questions!