5 must-have features of holiday homes in North Yorkshire

Holiday homes in North Yorkshire are a fantastic investment.

Not only are they a highly affordable long-term alternative to booking hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation for your holidays, but they offer the perfect base from which to enjoy all the natural beauty, entertainment and wonder that North Yorkshire has to offer.

However, the decision to buy a holiday home should never be taken lightly; in fact, there are several features you should ensure a holiday home has before you decide to invest in one – all of which we have shared below…

Before buying a holiday home in North Yorkshire, make sure it has:

1. A welcoming and flexible living space

When you open the front door of your holiday home, the first part you will see is likely to be the living area – it’s therefore essential that you feel welcome and right at home from the moment you set foot over the threshold!

Everything from the décor to the way the furniture is arranged can have a huge impact on how you feel when in this space, so be sure also that the home you choose offers the capacity to move things around and re-arrange the design to fit your unique requirements.

At Brickyard Lakes, for example, all our holiday homes are designed to be completely flexible and beautifully designed in a way that you can easily modify to suit your particular tastes!

A bedroom in one of Brickyard Lakes’ holiday homes in North Yorkshire.

2. A beyond-the-bare-minimum kitchen 

Oftentimes, holiday home kitchens will only include the bare minimum of appliances. This is due to the assumption that visitors will more likely opt to go out to eat rather than stay in and cook.

Of course, while you might choose to visit one or two of North Yorkshire’s top eateries during your stay, one of the benefits of owning a holiday home here is having nearby access to local produce alongside the opportunity to enjoy cooking at ease!

Being able to cook without constraint at your holiday home also makes your holiday significantly more cost-effective than going out for dinner or getting a takeaway every night.

We’d therefore recommend checking that any holiday homes you view have a fully kitted-out kitchen, including oven and hob, microwave, fridge and freezer before making any big decisions.

3. A luxurious bathroom

The benefits of having a spacious and beautifully designed bathroom are not to be underestimated!

Having access to a hot bath or shower after a long day of exploring North Yorkshire’s greatest sights and attractions is just one of the many things that can make a good holiday great – especially when the bathroom space has been designed with comfort and style in mind.

So, when you go to view holiday homes in North Yorkshire, have a good look around the bathroom to be sure it doesn’t just provide what you need, but emanates a true spa-day vibe!

4. Comfortable and homely bedrooms

A good night’s sleep is an essential component of any successful holiday, and for this to happen, your holiday home will need comfortable and expertly crafted bedrooms.

Everything from the size of the beds to comfortable mattresses and black-out blinds to soundproofing will have an impact, so be sure to check for all of this when viewing holiday homes in North Yorkshire.

5. Other absolute essentials, including the following:

  • Central heating throughout (our homes at Brickyard Lakes also include underfloor heating!).
  • Storage space (beyond cupboards and wardrobes to integrated spaces in furniture, such as under the bed).
  • Outdoor seating area (such as a veranda overlooking the best of North Yorkshire nature!).
  • WiFi access (we have this readily available at Brickyard Lakes).
  • A good energy efficiency rating (good for the planet – and your wallet!).

By choosing a holiday home with all the above features, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying numerous happy holidays for years to come.

At Brickyard Lakes, we’re proud to be home to a large selection of beautifully and mindfully designed holiday homes that incorporate not just the features outlined above, but much more.

If you’d like to see these for yourself, be sure to contact us to arrange a viewing of the holiday homes we currently have available!