Life as a holiday homeowner truly has so much to offer.


… and that’s before you even consider the benefits that your chosen holiday park can bring; whether you’re looking for holiday homes with fishing lakes, nearby attractions, a tranquil atmosphere, or (as is the case here at Brickyard Lakes) all three – plus, more!

Don’t just take our word for it, though; read on to hear from one of our current holiday homeowners here at Brickyard Lakes about their amazing experiences over the years...

I can’t begin to explain how much I love owning a holiday home at Brickyard Lakes.

My family and I were always regular visitors to North Yorkshire before now; so much so that we realised owning a static caravan or a lodge would be a really wise choice for us – and all these years later, we still know it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!

We’ve saved a lot of money on our holidays, for a start.

As regular visitors to this stunning part of the world , I’m sure my family and I have spent a fair amount of money in B&B and hotel costs over the years. We’re sure that we’ve probably made back the initial cost of our caravan by now with the number of times we’ve stayed here, though!

When the price of UK holidays rose because of the pandemic in particular, we couldn’t help but feel relieved that we wouldn’t have to pay them, knowing that our own holiday home was ready and waiting for us whenever we decided to visit.

I love that I can come here alone, for a weekend break with my partner, or a big holiday with my family and friends!

It’s always so tricky trying to book hotel rooms or B&Bs that can accommodate everyone that you want to bring along with you on your trip; but our static caravan has given us the freedom to invite whoever we like to come and stay throughout the year! And we’ve had so many great times together here.

Plus, if I fancy popping down for the weekend by myself for a bit or for a romantic getaway with my partner, it’s good to know that we only need to remember to pack a few things, as everything is there ready and waiting for our arrival (the supermarket down the road is pretty handy for the odd pint of milk, though)!

The inside of a static caravan, representing the holiday homes with fishing lakes at Brickyard Lakes.

We’re quite into our fishing as a family, so Brickyard Lakes was the perfect choice!

We’d looked at a few different parks and holiday homes with fishing lakes, but Brickyard really stood out from the crowd with its two amazing and thriving lakes - and right on our caravan’s doorstep!

We could quite easily spend the whole of a week away just enjoying being by the lakeside; especially with all the amazing wildlife to watch!

There are countless other things to do in the local area, too.

When my family and I are able to prise ourselves away from our fishing rods though, we’re absolutely spoiled for choice on things to do nearby.

I’m something of a history lover, so getting to soak up the sights at Castle Howard and Fountains Abbey is always a treat. My partner and children are a bit more adventurous though, so a visit to Flamingo Land Resort or Lightwater Valley is usually on the cards when we stay at our caravan in the summer!

We’ve made some brilliant friends for life on our visits here.

The community that’s been built at Brickyard Lakes among other holiday homeowners here is fantastic, and some of our best friends have been ones we’ve made on our visits. Our favourite thing to do (when we’re not all fishing together) is take turns to cook a barbeque on the decking of our holiday homes!

But perhaps the thing I love most about it all is having my very own home away from home.

My caravan at Brickyard Lakes offers the perfect balance of feeling like I’m having a break from everyday life, but also be surrounded by my favourite home comforts; scented candles, artworks on the walls and things like that!

We even updated the colour scheme in our caravan a couple of holidays ago – it was so easy because all the furniture and appliances are so versatile and flexible in their design!

It also has everything I could possibly need for a comfortable, relaxing stay; from the spa-like bathroom to the fully-kitted-out kitchen!

I think it’s safe to say that I am just as in love with my static caravan at Brickyard Lakes now as I was when I first saw it... perhaps even more so!

Are you in search of holiday homes with fishing lakes?


Look no further than Brickyard Lakes! Arrange your viewing with us today and see for yourself how owning a lakeside static caravan or luxury lodge here will transform your fishing and family holidays forever...

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Life as a holiday homeowner at Brickyard Lakes

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